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lemon yoghurt marinated chicken breasts


the yoghurt makes this chicken really tender and super tasty. very easy too. you can easily multiply this recipe to your families needs.


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  1. Combine all ingredients in a ceramic baking dish and marinate for at least 4 hours
  2. Or overnight
  3. "i like to cut the chicken breast in half lengthways so its not too thick"
  4. Cooking options: remove chicken from marinade and grill or bbq over medium heat until cooked through or place chicken
  5. In marinade
  6. In moderate oven and bake for 20 minutes
  7. Serve with piles of mixed steamed vegetables and / or rice

Step 4

Total Time in Minute 500

Ingredients Count 6

cooking lemon yoghurt marinated chicken breasts

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Boneless skinless chicken breast

Nonfat yogurt

Lemon juice


Fresh ginger


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