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lemon verbena and calendula vinegar


when steeping herbs in vinegar in the morning, it can be used that evening since it will begin flavoring the vinegar immediately. the longer it stands the more flavor it will have. the flowers and herbs will deteriorate and the flavor will not be as vibrant. "the annual bed of pot marigolds is filled with plants. these are the true pot marigolds, shakespeare’s “flowers of middle summer”, and by midsummer this spot will appear to be covered with a cloth of gold. i expect them to self-sow, returning every year to gladden our eyes.” ---annie burnham carter from in an herb garden


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  1. Fill a clean quart jar with the flowers and herbs and cover them with vinegar
  2. Place the jar in a cool
  3. Dark place
  4. Taste your vinegar in about 10 days to 2 weeks time and see if you are happy with the flavor
  5. Taste every few days or once a week thereafter until you have achieved the flavor that you are happy with
  6. At that time the flowers and herbs will need to be removed from the vinegar
  7. Open the jar
  8. And pour the vinegar through a strainer to remove the herbs
  9. Using a funnel
  10. Pour the vinegar into smaller bottles and label
  11. Add a fresh sprig of verbena
  12. Store the vinegar in a cool
  13. Dark place and use within a year

Step 8

Total Time in Minute 5

Ingredients Count 3

cooking lemon verbena and calendula vinegar

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Lemon verbena leaf

Calendula flowers

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