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hi li min


a recipe from my childhood that mum doesn't exactly know the source of. every family seems to know about it, but has their own version. it tends taste better in the following days one of my favourite (although naughty) ways to serve is over fresh white bread roll with lots of butter, hi-li-min on top. we usually season to personal taste with soy sauce. if you wish to freeze - cook just the mince and either leave the cabbage out entirely or place cut cabbage on top and it cooks well from there.


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  1. Fry onions
  2. Bacon and noodle soup mix until onions soft
  3. Add mince and brown
  4. Add all other ingredients except cabbage
  5. At this point i usually add a little water
  6. Cover and cook until the rice is tender
  7. Add the cabbage now and cook until desired doneness
  8. Some like the cabbage crunchy
  9. Others like it more tender

Step 6

Total Time in Minute 45

Ingredients Count 10

cooking hi li min

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Beef mince



White rice


Green beans


Beef stock cube

Chicken noodle soup mix

Curry powder

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