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Traditional Greek Recipes, with a Modern Twist!


Traditional Greek Recipes, with a Modern Twist!

I'm serving a menu based on Greek traditional and seasonal ingredients, in a modern way. We will welcome you with Tsipouro and toast with "Yamas," just as a real Greek would! After you sit down, I will start preparing the menu, and you are welcome to watch and learn from the process. Questions are, of course, more than welcome! The menu will be accompanied by wine from specialty Greek vineyards! Every dish can be altered to meet dietary needs and/or preferences, but I recommend the menu as is!

Rating : 4.3 / 5 from 11 Vote

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Traditional Greek Recipes, with a Modern Twist!
Traditional Greek Recipes, with a Modern Twist!
Traditional Greek Recipes, with a Modern Twist!
Traditional Greek Recipes, with a Modern Twist!


By Melanie

on 2018-07-07T12:34:28.000Z

Very much recommended - we had a great time with you guys! The brunch was delicious and we enjoyed every bite! We had good conversations and learned a lot of things about Greece and about the people here! It was the perfect start of a great week in Greece!

Vote : 5/5

By Bradley

on 2019-01-21T15:12:43.000Z

My wife and I had an excellent meal with Alex while in Athens. The food was amazing and Alex was a great host and even gave us great recommendations for the rest of our trip. He was great to chat with and really wanted to make sure we had a great experience and was ready to accommodate some of our dietary restrictions. His food was unique and of course tasted great. We really loved how he explained the Greek origins of his menu and his ideas behind the "modernization" of the dishes. We would definitely recommend a meal with Alex if you love good food, great conversation and very relaxed, fun atmosphere. Thanks Alex!

Vote : 5/5

By Hadar

on 2019-03-11T15:39:06.000Z

We have been to many eatwith dinner and for the first time we were disappointed. The food was tasty BUT the venue was a basement of a food court, sitting on benches without back support. the food was served in disposable plastic and paper plates and glasses. This is not the way to serve fine food. Alex said he had an accident and broke the plates, but since the cutlery were also disposable I doubt this story. Alex cooked on a portable stove and it was a challenge for him. The pasta was cold and the sorbet had a texture of rubber. Alex has no assistance. He was busy cooking and all the dirty plates remained on the table. At the beginning of the meal we tried to talk with Alex but he concentrated on the cooking so was not open to talk. The meal ended after less than two hours, way earlier than expected. All in all we were disappointed. This was not the eatwith experience we had in so many other dinners.

Vote : 2.3/5

By Michal

on 2019-03-12T10:48:34.000Z

Unfortunately not the enjoyable eatwith we are used to and love. Not recommended.

Vote : 1.3/5

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