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7-Course Veganuary Menu with Award-Winning Chef


7-Course Veganuary Menu with Award-Winning Chef

Rishim Sachdeva, the award-winning chef previously of London's 'Chiltern Firehouse' and Blumenthal's 'The Fat Duck', is back with a bang for 2022. To celebrate Veganuary he's created a plant-based 'Discovery' menu, hosted at Soho institution 'The Sun & 13 Cantons'. Working seasonally and with a focus on quality produce, Rishim cooks with flair, care and effortless technique. All his dishes are vegan, and it’s his mission to satisfy even the most omnivorous guests. Rishim and his team are busy pickling, fermenting and smoking all the ingredients they can get their hands on. They are excited and proud to launch this exclusive Veganuary menu with Eatwith.

Rating : 4.7 / 5 from 32 Vote

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7-Course Veganuary Menu with Award-Winning Chef
7-Course Veganuary Menu with Award-Winning Chef
7-Course Veganuary Menu with Award-Winning Chef
7-Course Veganuary Menu with Award-Winning Chef


By Elizabeth

on 2021-10-01T19:36:21.000Z

As great on subsequent visits as the first time. I'm not a strict vegetarian but Rishim's menus make it easy to be one. The chargrilled cauliflower with smoked maple, kimchi and raisins. Wow. The purple sweet potatoes, with sticky soy glaze, and sesame seed cracker was a work of edible art. Tye chipotle grilled mushroom, bbq leeks with peanut glaze made my taste buds sing. Yep, I'll be back for more ????

Vote : 5/5

By Usha

on 2021-10-01T21:51:13.000Z

So let me start with the big positive..the food. Delicious and very creative. The chef introduced unusual flavours into vegetables and prepared stunning dishes. However, I was disappointed with the setting. It was not within the ‘usual concept’ of a supper club where you mingle with other diners and socialise. Instead we were in the dining area of an extremely busy pub. Most of the people in the dining area were regular customers and were ordering from the menu. A few of us were designated as supper club ‘diners’ and were towards the back of the room. All in all a very noisy pub atmosphere and really not a supper club. There were a lot of people passing through the dining area to either go to the basement bar or cloakroom/ lavatories. Would I eat in the noisy pub again… NO and certainly not under the guise of a supper club.

Vote : 3.8/5

By Clare

on 2021-11-28T21:06:00.000Z

Amazing! The food was SO delicious, and everyone was just super lovely. We came in and got sat in a booth (big surprise since it was just two of us and the pub was busy), we were then moved to a cosier table of 2 which was totally fine by us, but the waitresses were so apologetic and even brought us a drink each on the house! It was so unnecessary for them to feel bad and just so lovely and thoughtful. Rishim also came and had a chat with us after we’d finished the meal and he was amazing, super friendly and nice. I’ve never had a chef come and say hello after cooking for me before and I regret not asking him more questions! The food itself was gorgeous, just beautifully crafted and so tasty. We had about two hours from start to finish and couldn’t have had a better night. Fully recommend!

Vote : 5/5

By Nicholas

on 2022-10-10T00:00:00.000Z

We decided to try a vegan tasting menu and we were not disappointed. This was a great meal, very filling and lots of creative flavours throughout. It was fresh, healthy and right at the end, an amazing dessert.

Vote : 5/5

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