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Bike & Tasting tour at Venice Sant'Erasmo island

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Bike & Tasting tour at Venice Sant'Erasmo island

Let's bike through Venice's "vegetable garden", the island of Sant'Erasmo, which produces all the fruit and vegetables consumed by the hungry city! We will bike through artichokes fields and farms while admiring the Venice skyline from a very unusual point of view. All this activity will make us hungry and I will make sure you will taste the uniqueness of this island, thanks to a visit to a biological farm and a honey tasting session in a family owned apiary. Finally, we will taste some delicious grapes nectar in a local wine estate. In details: we will meet in Venice and we will reach Sant'Erasmo island, also known as the “Orto di Venezia” (Venice's vegetable garden), thanks to a 30 minutes Vaporetto ride through the lagoon. Then we will walk through a small road passing canals and ditches, towards the bike rental place, where we will board our countryside bikes. We will start discovering the island, the largest the Venetian lagoon, though it's only sparsely populated! Indeed less than seven hundred farmers still plow its fields supplying not only the typical purple-hued artichokes (“carciofo violetto di Sant'Erasmo”) but also asparagus, squash, tomatoes, and cardoons locals buy at the Rialto market and that you can enjoy in every Venice's restaurant. We will visit and taste this delicious vegetables in preserves, visiting a biological farm. We will continue biking through the flat landscape: therefore biking will be very easy and dotted with farms and rural small-holdings. It couldn't be more different from Venice, whose bell-towers and churches can be seen on the skyline. We will reach the northern part of the island, facing the water and mud banks towards the islands of Burano, whose colored houses can just be distinguished, and San Francesco del Deserto, a monastery inhabited by Franciscan monks. We will then reach one of the few notable building on the island, the church, facing the lagoon. In this extremely particular landscape, not only artichokes and vegetables taste special but also flowers! And bees know that very well. We will have the opportunity to try the special honey produced here, whose taste is unique! Our experience will end with a visit to a local winery and tasting special wine coming from the local vineyards.

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Bike & Tasting tour at Venice Sant'Erasmo island
Bike & Tasting tour at Venice Sant'Erasmo island
Bike & Tasting tour at Venice Sant'Erasmo island
Bike & Tasting tour at Venice Sant'Erasmo island


By Martin

on 2020-07-24T12:58:08.000Z

Unsere Erwartungen wurden übertroffen, lieben Dank

Vote : 5/5

By Julie

on 2021-06-04T12:36:17.000Z

Excellente expérience avec Valério! Tout était parfait...la communication, les courses au marché du Rialto, se rendre sur la charmante ile de Murano et enfin préparer et déguster le déjeuner avec une vue imprenable. Sans oublier toutes les anecdotes historiques. Nous reviendrons avec plaisir pour partager avec Valério une autre expérience.

Vote : 5/5

By Werner

on 2021-07-17T12:20:40.000Z

Perfect Venetian experience - Valerio‘s profound Knowledge of Venice and its history accompanies this market shopping, walking and cooking Tour at every step! The oven-cooked branzino and the artichoke hearts were so tasty and the served wine from the vinyards of confiscated Mafia land went together perfectly! Not to forget the shrimp pasta with spicy tomato sauce as ‚primo piatto‘

Vote : 5/5

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