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Discover unique flavors of Mexico!


Discover unique flavors of Mexico!

Is there anything more endearing then traveling, eating authentic local food and meeting the people? Created for you, foodie lover! Treat yourself to a memorable night in my lovely apartment in Mexico City, located in one of the last architectural heritages, a building from the 50´s located in Polanco. This “Barrio” is a happening place to find fancy hotels, museums, theaters, parks, boutiques, gourmet stores & hip bars! Share delightful conversations at my dinner table with my mom and other guests while you loose yourself in the unique Mexican & Fusion dishes designed specially for you. I vary the menu according to season and fresh products available in the Mercado. Food is all about adventure and appreciating unique and new flavors. I will make sure you have a mouth watering, jaw dropping experience. We will start off with a variety of Appetizers, Botanitas, as we call them. Taste our hand made tortillas with Guacamole, Ceviche Acapulqueño and our special salsas among other´s just to get you going. Then get lost in the flavors of the Main Course Dish, like Chayote al Epazote, Organic Chicken Breast in Salsa de Chile Poblano, Budín de Flor de Calabaza or Pescado al vino blanco en salsa de Pepita. Try our unique Salicornia (known as the Mexican Asparagus). Taste other local veggies or fruits like Mango and Granada! Don´t worry! I will keep it mild, unless someone is craving spicy flavors only upon request! To top it off, how about a Gelatina de Cajeta or Grandma´s classic Mousse de Mango? During this evening, get enchanted with Mexican Food and get to know more about my culture! A unique opportunity to live Mexico like a true Chilango! Botanita Enjoy our variety of Mexican Botanas Botanas is a must in Mexican Homes. We have all sort of mexican goodies: Tamales, Sopes, Guacamole, Ceviche Acapulqueño, just to get you going! MMMMMMMm! Main Dish Enjoy our seasonal dishes. You will be delighted with our different courses of Seasons Specialities… Depending on the fresh products available in the Mercado, I create the menu for the night! Most of my dishes are based on Grandma´s Secret Recepies. A Classic Mexican yet charming modern twist. Mesa de Dulces Mexicanos Sweeten your tooth with original Mexican Sweets! How about a Gelatina de Cajeta? Or Mousse de Mango? Try our Mexican delights!

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Discover unique flavors of Mexico!
Discover unique flavors of Mexico!
Discover unique flavors of Mexico!
Discover unique flavors of Mexico!


By Claire and Rosemary

on 2020-01-02T19:13:26.000Z

We had a wonderful time at Alejandra's home! The dinner was delightful. We enjoyed tasting several homemade Mexican dishes and trying Mezcal like locals. It was wonderful getting to know Alejandra and her mother as well as meeting guests from around the world. What a fun night in Mexico City!

Vote : 5/5

By Nick

on 2020-01-07T04:59:03.000Z

Great fun, Alejandra is a hoot! Word of warning though: it’s all about the mescal. So if you’re more of a beer drinker, maybe bring your own ;)

Vote : 5/5

By Steph

on 2020-02-07T15:03:47.000Z

We had such a lovely evening with Alejandra and her mother. The food was delicious - beautifully presented and a delightful variety of regional and seasonal ingredients. Every bite made us feel lucky and special. They were happy to share their knowledge of cooking, ingredients and life in Mexico City. Our memories of the evening will make a perfect souvenir of our trip.

Vote : 5/5

By Danielle

on 2021-05-13T00:39:02.000Z

Alejandra is a wonderful, warm, and welcoming host! We had a private group, and she made everyone feel included and enjoyed sharing several Mezcal "Salut" toasts with us as we made our guac and cocktails. Everyone in my group enjoyed our time with Alejandra and agreed they'd love to take another class with her again. We all recommend Alejandra as your host for a fun gathering!

Vote : 5/5

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