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COOKING CLASS - Discover the Local Specialties

Cooking classes

COOKING CLASS - Discover the Local Specialties

MENU • Starter Typical meat 'Empanadas': learn how to prepare the dough as a pro • Main course Marinated brisket in 'chimichurri': slow cooking to preserve the flavors • Dessert Shot of Dulce de leche and Rum • Drinks: You will enjoy red wine. It is very accessible via public transport. Come, discover, taste, and learn the specialties of Argentina. You’ll be glad to share with us all those flavors, typical from here. I can’t wait to host you and live a beautiful moment. Everything is available for vegetarian, vegan, kasher, hallal and gluten-free diet. La clase, de unas 4 horas de duración, es intensa, divertida y participativa; incluye una comida degustación acompañada de buen vino. Prepararemos, conjuntamente: Empanadas de carne, incluida la masa: sabrosas, jugosas y livianas, no te cansarás de comerlas Tapa de Asado (brisket) marinada en chimichurri, en cocción lenta: tierna, sabrosa, original en su sabor y fácil de replicar Shot semifredo de dulce de leche y ron; un extraordinariamente sencillo y exquisito postre. Nunca falla! También podemos, a pedido, preparar menús vegetarianos, veganos, kosher, halah, gluten free, etc.

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COOKING CLASS - Discover the Local Specialties
COOKING CLASS - Discover the Local Specialties
COOKING CLASS - Discover the Local Specialties
COOKING CLASS - Discover the Local Specialties


By Susan

on 2017-10-10T00:00:00.000Z

The cooking class was great, Saul taught us many things that will be helpful, exspecailly now that I want to recreate our dinner.

Vote : 5/5

By Betsy

on 2018-10-21T04:23:26.000Z

It was a fantastic evening of conversation, learning to cook some authentic Argentine food, and the best part was sharing Saul's passion for teaching others about food. I highly recommend it to anyone either traveling or for the locals of Buenos Aires. He is makes everyone feel right at home "in his home"!!! Betsy

Vote : 5/5

By Renae

on 2019-06-22T02:25:09.000Z

5 stars ALL the way!!! Saul was warm, welcoming and informative. We had such a wonderful time!!!! It was our first night in Buenos Aires, and we couldn’t have asked for a better kick start to our week!!!! The best was the fact we felt like family when we left. The menu and wine were delectable and he made us feel proud that we took s hands on approach to helping. Thank you Saul!!!! Hope to see you soon for some Tango!!-)) hee hee

Vote : 4.7/5

By Florian

on 2019-06-26T15:27:44.000Z

We had a lot of fun at Saul‘s cooking class of Argentinian specialities. Being a bit of a foodie and hobby-chef, I loved the opportunity to learn about new techniques and flavors. Together we cooked a 3 course meal, beef empanadas, a sirloin steak roasted in chimichurri, and a dulce de leche & rum semifredo. Only using high-quality organic ingredients, all the food was delicious. The same goes for the wine our host had selected. Fun evening, delicious food, and learned a lot. Thank you kind sir!

Vote : 5/5

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