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Typical Italian dinner


Typical Italian dinner "Veggie"

Enjoy our nice terrace-open air: sun and a warm breeze will join during your special Italian dinner. A dinner with stories about our culinary culture and why we decided to live in Canary Islands and have left Italy. My name is Rocio and I am a photographer but with a great passion for cooking: at the end of every meal I need to feel happiness and not just satiated. Food has to be a joy. Giorgio is my partner in life and business, and now he is also the co-host in Casa Gatti. We love to live in Canary Islands but Italy is always something missing, especially the food and that's why we started to cook everything at home for tasting dishes impossible to find here. We are so impatient to have people in our home and let you try a culinary experience.

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Typical Italian dinner
Typical Italian dinner
Typical Italian dinner
Typical Italian dinner

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