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A typical


A typical "bolognese" dinner

For my valued guests I will cook some of the most famous courses of the bolognese cuisine. We will start with some appetizers, then the main course of hand-made tagliatelle seasoned with bolognaise ragù (my very own style). We will continue with the famous "bolognese" cutlet, wich is much more better than milanese one, served with roasted potatoes. We will end with a very special home-made creme-caramel, I prepare following my mom original recipe. All of the courses are accompanied by a proper glass of wine, both white, still or sparkling, and red, and of course water still & sparkling. At the end of the dinner you will taste my wife's home-made "nocino" liquor, a typical sour liquor made with green walnuts. We will have dinner in our elegant, modern and simple dining room, and next rest a byte in the living room. I will use these row matters: - Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese aged 36 months - Mortadella cubes (Zivieri brand) - Eggs, - Milk - Ham - Veal meat - Flour - Olive oil - Pork belly - Beef & pork minced meat - Butter

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A typical
A typical
A typical
A typical

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