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Family Dinner near


Family Dinner near " Parco degli Acquedotti"

Cooking is my passion and I love to cook typical Roman recipes. That’s why i want to propose you my specialties 100% made in Rome. If the weather is good we can have dinner on my terrace with a great view on “Parco degli Acquedotti” one of the ancientest monument in Rome. Appetizers: Bruschetta with tomato, bruschetta with olives oil and garlic First dish: Cacio e pepe Second dish: Pollo alla romana (chicken with peppers) whit cicoria ripassata, garlic and chilli Seasonal fruits Dessert Coffee and amaro Wine: Organic red & white wine Antipasto: Bruschetta al pomodoro, bruschetta aglio e olio, Primo piatto: Cacio e pepe Secondo piatto: Pollo alla romana con cicoria ripassata, aglio e peperoncino Frutta di stagione Dessert Caffè e amaro Vino: vino bio rosso e bianco

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Family Dinner near
Family Dinner near
Family Dinner near
Family Dinner near


By Victoire

on 2016-09-22T16:14:34.000Z

Max and Katia were wonderful hosts ! Now we know how to cook the traditional Carbonara and it is not with cream ;). The meal from Antipasti to Dolce were delicious. We were in Rome for a short weekend and this was great to be outside of a tourism atmosphere and get to know more about locals :) For our first experience of VizEat, with my friends, it was a success !

Vote : 5/5

By Harry

on 2017-03-13T00:00:00.000Z

His pasta alla carbonara family recipe's is just amazing, really, i never taste smthg like this before!!! Max & Katya are awesome hosts, I recommend them !!

Vote : 5/5

By Michael

on 2019-09-22T14:53:32.000Z

We spent a great evening with Max and his family. Max is a passionate chef and can tell you a lot about the local cuisine. In addition to the delicious food we got many insider tips for our current and our next stay in Rome. Thank you, Max and your family for hosting, cooking and making our first Eatwith dinner a great experience.

Vote : 5/5

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