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Vegetarian lunch in the countryside

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Vegetarian lunch in the countryside

We will wait for you at the Zagarolo train station (I will let you have the exact times) and in 5 minutes we will be at my house. It is a country house in the middle of an olive grove and with a small vineyard. Upon your arrival a small snack and a drink, then we will begin our experience by collecting the fragrant herbs that we need in the kitchen and also vegetables, then we will put on the aprons and start cooking; we will prepare an entire meal together, in three hours, first an appetizer and then the pasta, and we will do it as we traditionally did with wholemeal flour and semolina eggs or water, entirely by hand and only with the help of a rolling pin. We will prepare stuffed ravioli and fettuccine or lasagna and capellini or strozzapreti, on request we can also prepare gnocchi; obviously we will also prepare different sauces for pasta! we will also make a second vegetable-based dish together and, depending on the season, it will be an eggplant parmigiana or a crunchy pie, and then we will finish with the dessert. We will taste everything seated at a long table while sipping a prosecco or local wine, in the summer, under the grape pergola and in the warm winter in the house.

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Vegetarian lunch in the countryside
Vegetarian lunch in the countryside
Vegetarian lunch in the countryside
Vegetarian lunch in the countryside


By Alexandria

on 2018-04-09T12:45:59.000Z

Our Easter brunch at Claudia's house was the best experience my family and I could have asked for. I had already dined with Claudia two times before through social dining platforms, so I already that her cooking was AMAZING... I couldn't wait to bring my parents! Claudia welcomed us into her family's Easter celebrations and made us feel like part of the family. Together we cooked and enjoyed a spectacular meal together. After lunch, Claudia's husband played the piano for us while we sang and danced and enjoyed delicious homemade wine. My parents and I agreed that there was no where we would have rather been on Easter in Italy. Thank you Claudia, Bruno, and the rest of your beautiful family for a fantastically authentic Italian experience!

Vote : 5/5

By Vanessa

on 2018-09-20T18:22:33.000Z

My fiancé and I had such a wonderful time at Claudia and Bruno’s home. We arrived at the train station in Zagarolo and Bruno was there to pick us up in his car. Bruno and Claudia showed us around their home. They have olive trees and a small vineyard from which they make their own wine. Claudia prepared lunch while explaining how to make the different dishes. She used all fresh ingredients from her garden. There was so much food and their home was beautiful. After lunch was made we sat outside together under the pergola and laughed and talked together. It was the best experience of our two week trip to Italy. The food was amazing: fresh pasta, eggplant Parmesan, cheese with onion jam, garlic bread, fried zucchini flowers, strudel, and even dessert. We tasted their home made wine and it was great. We are looking forward to visiting them again in the future on our next trip to Italy. Thanks for such a great experience! -Vanessa and Jacob

Vote : 5/5

By Maria Pia

on 2020-06-07T14:51:23.000Z

Molto gradevole il pranzo in campagna da Claudia, che già conosco per aver partecipato a eventi da lei organizzati su altri siti di social eating. Si mangia benissimo, prodotti dell'orto, la compagnia è spiritosa e piacevole come in una riunione di vecchi amici. Alla prossima!

Vote : 5/5

By Laura

on 2021-09-21T12:49:22.000Z

We highly recommend cooking with Claudia! It was one of our highlights on our trip. We felt welcomed straight away. Claudia is a fantastic teacher and we learned a lot from her. It was so much fun cooking with her self grown ingredients and sooo delicious! The atmosphere was just , Claudia and Bruno are top hosts and chatting felt easy and comfortable. If we will get the chance we will definitely visit them again :)

Vote : 5/5

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