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Savoury getaway in a traditional village

Cooking classes

Savoury getaway in a traditional village

Experience a day of flavors, aromas, scents and sensations while getting acquainted with the culture of Crete. Spend your day in a local rural village setting 30 min off Heraklion, getting to know the basic nutritional elements of the world renowned Cretan Diet, while engaging in a hands on experience with Cretan Cooking. During this journey, you will have the opportunity to get to know closer the local life of the people of Crete, the food and flavors of their everyday diet and the secrets that make Cretan dietary model one of the healthiest on the planet. On this day you will have the opportunity to engage into: Olive Oil Tasting Experience Olive Oil and the characteristics that make it special and unique. Through this session you will be able to experience 4 different qualities of olive oil. During this process you will learn to identify the different flavorful characteristics of olive oil and understand the different qualities available. Cheese Tasting Taste a variety of cheeses that exist in the daily food consumption patterns of the people of Crete. Let your pallet wonder through the several textures, densities and flavors of the Cretan cheeses. You will soon understand why the people of Crete are among the biggest consumers of cheese in the world. Cooking Class This experience would be incomplete without your engagement with the local cuisine. Get involved in the kitchen, use the local ingredients and make your own creations from the variety of dishes in the Cretan cuisine. Match Olive Oil with different flavors and learn how to use it in your daily routine. This experience can only make sense in a proper setting. This is why we chose a small village of Crete in order to come closer to the ways of the people and their everyday practices. Walk through the small isles, experience the true local hospitality away from the mass attraction sites, and get to know the true culture of Crete through engaging with the locals.

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Savoury getaway in a traditional village
Savoury getaway in a traditional village
Savoury getaway in a traditional village
Savoury getaway in a traditional village


By Martin

on 2018-12-17T17:34:58.000Z

The cooking and dinner took place in a small cozy room (previously a shop) with a fireplace in a small village. This Cretan food experience is suitable for the more ambitious gourmand, who does not just want to experience a dinner, but who also wants to learn something about Cretan culture and food. The experience was partly a dinner, partly a cooking workshop and partly somewhat like a lesson. The food was perfectly fine for anyone who wants to experience traditional Cretan dishes. We were satisfied with the food. This is one of the more expensive eatwith experiences in Crete, but the pricing is OK considering all the preparations provided by the hosts. Overall, we had a very nice experience in the village and it was interesting to listen to Giorgios. If you just want to get some food and beverages together with locals (without beeing seriously interested in learning about what you eat and why) then maybe there are other options. But if you want to learn something about Cretan food and culture, then this is probably a good experience for you.

Vote : 3.7/5

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