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Seasonal Parisian dinner in picturesque Montmartre


Seasonal Parisian dinner in picturesque Montmartre

This French dinner is an ode to the seasons: everything is market-fresh, perfectly ripe and served in beautiful china tableware. The ultimate seasonal dinner in an elegant Montmartre home. • 4-course dinner featuring classic French dishes, cheeses and desserts • The host's typically Parisian apartment has a fireplace for cold winter evenings • Communal dining for 2 to 6 people About your host Claudine: ""I've been living in Montmartre for 40 years and I'm in love with this part of Paris. I love entertaining, cooking, and offering my guests seasonal dishes. I never cook tomatoes in winter or strawberry tart at any other time than late spring when they're ripe, juicy and fragrant."

Rating : 4.9 / 5 from 224 Vote

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Seasonal Parisian dinner in picturesque Montmartre
Seasonal Parisian dinner in picturesque Montmartre
Seasonal Parisian dinner in picturesque Montmartre
Seasonal Parisian dinner in picturesque Montmartre


By Allie

on 2021-12-05T17:45:38.000Z

This unique experience was the highlight of our Paris trip! Book this immediately!! Claudine was so warm and welcoming. The food was DELICIOUS, and we loved talking about the various dishes and Claudine’s history of cooking and her life in Paris. (I still dream about those roasted clementines!!) Claudine made us feel like part of her family - I cannot say enough great things! She even showed us around Montmartre, and gave us her “secret tour.” We saw some of the most beautiful sites and sunset that evening ❤️ we will definitely be reaching out to Claudine the next time we’re in Paris and can’t wait to see her again!

Vote : 5/5

By Crystal

on 2021-12-11T08:37:21.000Z

Spectacular evening. Claudine welcomed us into her home as though we were old friends. For one evening live and eat like a Parisian. Beautiful early 20th century apartment reflecting the life and personality of our delightful hostess. A highlight of our trip!

Vote : 5/5

By Marybeth

on 2021-12-15T17:11:05.000Z

Our time with Claudine was absolutely magical! It was like walking into the cozy chic apartment of an instant good friend. The appetizers (warm cheese puffs, oh my!) and entree (duck confit with a lovely salad) were delicious and Claudine accommodated my vegetarian needs very deliciously. Dessert (a flourless cake) with a peeled and roasted whole mandarin orange (olive oil, honey, rosemary) that was unique, beautiful and delicious. Our rainy day skies magically cleared (she probably had something to do with this haha) and off we went on a fantastic tour of Montmartre! I expected a stroll to a market and a favorite view of Paris for what we were paying. No, it was a professional ~2 hour tour with personal anecdotes and tales - AMAZING! Our tummies were happy and we fell in love with Montmartre and Claudine. Thank you lovely lady (and Rebecca, our fellow guest) for an unforgettable last day in Paris!

Vote : 5/5

By Judith

on 2021-12-22T00:45:16.000Z

We could not have felt more at home at Claudine’s. Delicious lunch and a fantastic tour of Montmartre only could have been so detailed because of her love of her neighborhood.

Vote : 5/5

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