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Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings

Food walk

Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings

Discover the real flavours of Berlin in 3.5 delicious hours. Taste your way through the history of Berlin cuisine, learn about the city’s vibrant food culture, and get an introduction to its street art and local neighbourhoods. All 10 tastings included plus local beer and schnapps - this is a Berlin food tour feast! Feel like a Berlin local for a few hours as we spoil you with 10 delicious tastings that bring together the flavours of the city. Berlin is a city of contrasts and one that has the imagine of not fitting to the country. It also is built on immigration and as such has developed an amazing amount culinary influences. It is also the European-hub of fusion cuisine, vegan, vegetarian food and the start-up capital of Europe. The Capital is continues to be at the forefront of openness, change, social image and forward thinking, these are the links that attracted the likes of Albert Einstein. With this in mind we take to Berlin's unique food-scene, with a mix of German and oriental influences from Middle East to South-East Asia. It is a boiling pot for foodies. On this tour you will have the chance to taste: World-famous Currywurst Locally brewed Berliner beer Traditional German pastries Turkish Baklava Tantalising Fusion EateryLocal schnapps that captures the essence of Berlin Gözleme – see Turkish grandmas hand roll sheets of thin Yufka dough Turkish Pide – watch local chefs caress and flip the soft, airy dough 3rd wave barista coffee An East Berlin confectionery favourite that’s not available in the West Berlin’s newest food trend – the surprise awaits!

Rating : 4.7 / 5 from 5 Vote

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Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings


By Elspeth

on 2018-01-20T19:21:34.000Z

Dov was a friendly and informative host. Not only did he introduce us to some interesting epicurean delights but he also gave us some insights into Berlin culture and traditions. We thoroughly enjoyed our 4 hour tour and would recommend this to anyone who would like a quirky and delicious introduction to Berlin

Vote : 5/5

By Katie

on 2018-04-14T18:05:52.000Z

Wonderful food tour with unique stops, fascinating stories, and fun people!

Vote : 5/5

By Guillem

on 2018-08-05T20:08:34.000Z

I would do more stops and less quantity to prove another meals with different flavours, all the stops were full of quantity. I prefer going little places with history and taste little things than eat a lot. Although the tour was satisfying and really interesting!!

Vote : 4/5

By Colleen

on 2018-08-14T22:47:34.000Z

we did a walking food tour, so visited several venues and learned about the city as we walked from venue to venue. our guide Ann-Kathrin was charming and very knowledgable about the city. The food was varied and excellent. Highly recommended!

Vote : 5/5

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