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Breakfast like a king...


Breakfast like a king...

In Hungary we have the saying that you should have breakfast like a king, lunch like an average citizen and dine in the evening like a beggar. What would you like for breakfast if you would have the magic wond? We love to have big fat Italo-Hungarian breakfast in the morning and we think maybe you would like to come and join us :) You can choose 4 of the following things: 1. Organic müesli with home made rice, oat or almond milk 2. Organic scrambled eggs (with chard if you like) 3. Porridge with fresh fruits grown in our garden and from the organic market 4. Home made organic crostata cake with marmelade 5. French toast from whole grain organic rye or wheat bread 6. Toasted rye or wheat bread (organic) with a variety of home made marmelades and butter 7. Crumbles of the emperor (Császármorzsa) Hungarian speciality with home made marmelade 8. Pancakes with home made marmelades 9. Natural yoghurt with fresh organic fruits 10. Whole grain kakaóscsiga - cocoa 'snail' - Hungarian speciality (gluten free option available) 11. If you fancy anything else, let us know :) To drink you have the following options: Italian espresso BArley coffe Cicoria and barley coffe Barley coffe with dandelions Capuccino with any of the above coffee options with Rice / Almond/ Avena organic home made milks or normal organic cow milk A variety of Teas from green, Sri lankan, English breakfast to organic infusions Organic fruit juice Rice milk with raw cacao nibs YOU CAN DECIDE WHEN TO HAVE BREAKFAST BETWEEN 7 AND 11.

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Breakfast like a king...
Breakfast like a king...
Breakfast like a king...
Breakfast like a king...


By Oliver

on 2018-04-19T09:00:53.000Z

I met Petra and her husband in their Appartment, where the kitchen is integrated in the room, so you join the cooking war is very cosy. The meal was very tasty and the atmosphere nice. They are both very friendly and have an inviting behaviour, so you feel comfortable like Home. We had good conversations the whole evening. For me a clear recommandation.

Vote : 5/5

By Patrick

on 2018-06-02T18:49:06.000Z

We utterly enjoyed our evening with Petra, Antonio and Mattia. They treated us to a thoughtful, naturally spiced meal with nicely curated ingredients from the family farm, local producers, and the care package from Antonio’s mother. All-in-all, it was the alternative to the traditional meat-oriented Hungarian cuisine we were hoping for. We particularly appreciated our hosts love of conversation, food, and life. Brava, Petra. Bravo, Antonio.

Vote : 4.7/5

By Axel

on 2018-08-22T16:07:24.000Z

We had a lovely time with Petra and Antonio and their little Matti at their summer place by the Balaton Lake. We enjoyed the great company and conversation and learning about macrobiotic cooking.

Vote : 5/5

By Lola

on 2019-04-03T17:14:01.000Z

Fue una linda cena para mi cumpleaños. Petra y Antonio unos grandes anfitriones, Mattias un niño encantador y sus amigos geniales. No pude escoger mejor en Budapest. La comida muy buena y abundante. Gracias de nuevo por dejarme compartir con ustedes...

Vote : 5/5

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