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Fusion Dinner With A Hungarian Touch


Fusion Dinner With A Hungarian Touch

You will get a wonderful experience from a real artist in the heart of Budapest. With unique paintings on the wall from my father and a bit of a vintage touch in the air and on the plates. If you want to taste the best Hungarian sausage definitely visit me! Starter Home made bread with home made hungarian sausage and tepertőkrém Intermediate: ginger tea infused cucumber and quail egg Main course Shepherds pie with sweet potatoes Intermediate: muskmelon salt chili Dessert The best cheesecake you have ever eaten Everything on the menu is gluten-free except the bread.

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Fusion Dinner With A Hungarian Touch
Fusion Dinner With A Hungarian Touch
Fusion Dinner With A Hungarian Touch
Fusion Dinner With A Hungarian Touch


By Celine

on 2017-08-18T15:45:13.000Z

The experience with you was the best! We had such a nice time, the food was amazing and we had so many topics to talk about. I'm so glad we chose your experience :)!

Vote : 5/5

By Klaus

on 2017-08-18T15:45:16.000Z

Me and my girlfriend really enjoyed the time with Horvath. We had never used VizEat before and our choise with the host couldn't have been better. We hope to see you soon again Horvath!

Vote : 5/5

By Terrence

on 2017-10-01T00:00:00.000Z

Daniel的家在老布达区的一栋很有味道的犹太小弄堂里,推开木质大门后里面还藏着精致的小花园和圣母玛利亚的雕塑供人祈祷。开胃菜是黑醋拌西葫芦丝,主食是Hungarian lasagna甜品是Daniel改良后的rice pudding,两个多小时的交谈才知道什么叫做真正的斜杠青年,出过专辑组过乐队,丽思卡尔顿的食物摄影师,还是fashion commercial model,北美的candy crash广告里也有他,最有趣的是临走时还送了我们自己种的辣椒和Hungarian当地的调味料

Vote : 5/5

By Julie

on 2017-10-09T15:30:36.000Z

Daniel is a very interesting person with plenty fun stories and an artistically apartment which brings a very pleasant atmosphere. He's also a very talented cook who made great Hungarian local cuisines. He shared with us a lot of cooking, music, painting, oh and of course, the secret of making delicious Hungarian local food! We had a lot of fun during our dining. That's an unique experience and I will highly recommend it to everyone.

Vote : 5/5

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