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Hungarian Heaven: A Taste of Budapest


Hungarian Heaven: A Taste of Budapest

If you want to get a close-up of the Hungarians' soul, you can't miss to try our new menu of traditional Hungarian dishes. We invite you for a deep dive into our people's stomach. During spring and summer you’ll probably want lighter foods, so we'll make an "easier" version of the Hungarian Heaven. (see below) EXAMPLE MENUS 1) for winter Thick red bean soup with egg noodles Roasted and grilled meats with potatoes and pickles Mákos guba (poppy dough) or sweet cottage cheese dumplings 2) for summer (during this period we can eat on our huge terrace on the top of the Buda's houses.) Cool cucumber soup Lecso (the Hungarian ratatouille with paprika, onion, tomato and bacon) Chestnut purée (A purée of chestnuts, sugar, and rum, usually served with whipped cream. This sweet, creamy dessert proves that chestnuts are for much more than just roasting.) The first glass of pálinka is drunk before the dinner to get us in the mood, and feel free to have a second strong spirit as well. 1) We start with a thick red bean soup full with rural vegetables and bacon, colored and spiced with paprika and pepper. As special ingredient we put small egg noodles (csipetke) in the soup. 2) Then we are heading into the heart of the Hungarian kitchen: the meats. You're going to taste a selection of freshly roasted black pudding (véreshurka), liver sausage, grilled sausage (kolbász), minced meat (fasírt), rib (oldalas) and crackling (töpörtyű) - depends on the butcher's daily offers from the local market. The ribs and minced meats are seasoned with paprika, salt, cumin and pepper. The black pudding is mixed with garlic, onions, pepper, rice and pig’s blood, and stuffed into sheep gut, which is very crispy. The main dish is escorted by steamed and baked potatos spilled with balsamic vinegar. Pickles are matching to these foods: sour cabbage, cucumber and spicy horseradish escort the meats. 3) Whether you taste the poppy seed dough, chestnut purée or the sweet cottage cheese dumplings with sour cream and powdered sugar, you'll like them. Both are rarely available outside of Hungary and are amazingly many-sided. The dessert will definitely be a real experience for the foreign people. We will hit the spot for sure! The dinner is accompanied by homemade 45% fruit brandy (pálinka) as well as wine from the region. We are looking forward to seeing you! We are flexible, feel free to contact us. We'll see what kind of fresh stuff we could get at the market and finalize the menu.

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Hungarian Heaven: A Taste of Budapest
Hungarian Heaven: A Taste of Budapest
Hungarian Heaven: A Taste of Budapest
Hungarian Heaven: A Taste of Budapest


By Arto

on 2018-05-02T09:38:06.000Z

We had a great dinner at Balazs & Eszter. The atmosphere was genuine and welcoming. The food that was server was excellent and it was presented well. We had interesting discussions and a lot of different kinds of traditional Hungarian courses. The location is a walking distance from the river and can be found easily. Our hosts 2.5 year old son was the cutest waiter we had ever seen! Strong recommendation!

Vote : 5/5

By Kristin

on 2018-08-10T20:42:47.000Z

Every single dish was prepared perfectly and was DELICIOUS! Loved the history behind each dish and very “Hungarian” (true to the theme we requested ). So glad we did this and not a goulash restaurant. HIGHLY recommend....but come HUNGRY ????

Vote : 5/5

By Alex & Galina

on 2020-02-16T11:21:31.000Z

It was a wonderful experience to be guests of Balazs! He has amazing moovie dvd collection, lives in a beautiful flat, cooks great and knows a lot, so it is very interesting to talk to him. Thank you, Balazs!!! P.S.: to you, who plans to visit Balazs: it's better not to eat for the whole day before the experience! Balazs cooks as big amount of food as Russian "babushka" who hasn't seen her grandsons for a year. ????

Vote : 5/5

By Lotta

on 2021-08-18T19:24:56.000Z

We had a fantastic evening, with interesting discussions and a lot of well-tasting food! We immediately felt at home and the atmosphere was more than welcoming!

Vote : 5/5

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