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Visit & Eat the Best Sushi in Tsukiji !!


Visit & Eat the Best Sushi in Tsukiji !!

As we know, the Tsukiji market was the largest market in the world, but this wholesale market is closed because the buildings of the market buildings were very old and worn. Now, we built the Toyosu market as a replacement, located near Tsukiji (it’s opened October 2018). In Tsukiji, there is still a very lively and authentic retail market. Come enjoy the Tsukiji market with me while it’s still around! During this visit, I will accompany you the Tsukiji market (the stalls district), as well as many historical places including Tsukiji-honganji (an antique Indian temple) and the shrine that deifies the gods of water in memory of the naval base that was here long ago!! Then, I’ll take you to one of the best sushi restaurants that the locals love, where we can eat sushi at the counter and watch the chefs prepare our food. I will explain the details as we watch, including information about Japanese fish, the history of Tsukiji, and how to make sushi! After visiting Tsukiji, I could tell you the way to the Toyosu market if you are interested in that or I can guide you to the Toyosu market. ※ Except Wednesday and Sunday (days when the market is closed) ※OPTION of Toyosu market tour You may add an option for a visit to the Toyosu market, after visiting Tsukiji : in this case, Plus : 2000 yen per person 10h-14h

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Visit & Eat the Best Sushi in Tsukiji !!
Visit & Eat the Best Sushi in Tsukiji !!
Visit & Eat the Best Sushi in Tsukiji !!
Visit & Eat the Best Sushi in Tsukiji !!


By Lucy

on 2018-09-22T08:05:49.000Z

Ayaka was very nice, she met friends at Metro station. My friends had a very happy time with Ayaka :-)

Vote : 5/5

By Leena

on 2018-10-06T04:57:02.000Z

Ayaka was a wonderful host! We felt totally at home and so enjoyed our experience! And the sushi was delicious! Highly recommend!

Vote : 5/5

By Stewart

on 2019-07-01T04:44:54.000Z

Very friendly, informative and fun. Fantastic food and hospitality. Oishii !!

Vote : 5/5

By Nicolas

on 2019-07-24T05:14:13.000Z

Repas super sympa avec Ayaka, belle expérience chez l'habitant. De plus Ayaka parle parfaitement français et nous l'avons gardé pour être notre guide un autre jour, super rencontre !

Vote : 5/5

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