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Monthly Friday supper club in Lyon


Monthly Friday supper club in Lyon

Welcome to my Friday monthly supper club in Lyon . Each month, I feature a new menu and experience at one of my favorite locations. Once you sign up for the dinner, the menu and theme will be shared with you. You can also message me in advance with any questions or you can pick up some more details about my supper club at einSteinLyon supper club & foodblog . Hope you can join me for your (maybe first) super club experience!

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Monthly Friday supper club in Lyon
Monthly Friday supper club in Lyon
Monthly Friday supper club in Lyon
Monthly Friday supper club in Lyon


By Randall

on 2018-11-11T20:27:02.000Z

Claudia prepared an excellent meal for our group of four. Her home is in the suburbs not far from the center of Lyon - about a 20 euro taxi ride. Claudia was an excellent host, who cooks wonderful food and is enthusiastic about food. As she in not a native of Lyon, she invited a friend to join us for dinner and tell us more about France and french cooking. Thank you Claudia.

Vote : 5/5

By Mike

on 2019-05-07T09:21:57.000Z

What an awesome night. My wife and I were traveling through Lyon and wanted to be able to sit down with locals to immerse ourselves rather than simply go to a restaurant. Claudia and Marcus were great hosts and we had an amazing night. The food was incredible.

Vote : 5/5

By Susan

on 2019-06-17T21:40:10.000Z

I brought a group to dinner with Claudia, and everyone in the group was delighted with the experience. She blends unique flavors with her own original recipes, and often uses ingredients she grows or blends herself. We sat on her patio for dinner and all was absolutely lovely. As a group we took a bus from Lyon which was simple according to her instructions. It was a great evening. Susan

Vote : 5/5

By Dianne

on 2019-07-11T12:41:37.000Z

Fabulous! She and her husband were such gracious hosts. Claudia is a fantastic cook and the home ambience was very enjoyable. It’s a must visit while in Lyon France

Vote : 5/5

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